Libby always brings me back to myself in a really beautiful way. She helps me love myself a little more every class. Her casual confidence, playfulness, and focus on connecting with myself always makes me a better me. Libby fixes all! ~Alicia Anderson

Libby is an all levels teacher. She gives great adjustments and cues that help you deepen your practice. Plus she has the BEST playlists, so even if you’re working through a more challenging sequence of postures, or having troubling quieting your monkey mind, her awesome jams will keep you moving and focused on the beat.

Libby has amazing energy and presence. I leave her class feeling centered and strong. She’s helped to try postures I didn’t think I was ready for. And more than once I’ve LOLes in class (especially in hip hop yoga and partner classes). ~Monica Camacho

Libby’s classes are among the best in San Francisco. Her infectious smile, years of yoga experience, down to earth approach and epic-ly great taste in music combine for a near perfect yoga experience every time. ~Annie

Libby incorporates music into her classes better than any teacher I’ve ever had. She makes you want to move in the best kind of way. Even writing this now at my desk, I’d rather be settling into goddess pose with Kanye pumping and Libby guiding the way.

I love the feel of being in her classes. It's got a great vibe of connecting with yourself, connecting with her awesome music selection, and her giving you the freedom and instructions to move at your own pace. ~Dan Pitrowiski

Libby makes you feel comfortable no matter what your level. She has the amazing ability to keep things fun and interesting while balancing and centering. ~Natalie